Child Safety Lock Devices for Your Little Babies

Babies have the most curious minds. In their world of adventure, nothing is detrimental. But you, as a parent, know what can be fatal for your little angel, right?

Wondering, how to take care of your baby and ensure it a safe world?

Don’t worry mothers and fathers. Our efforts will be helping you through your parenting voyage with important advice, counseling, and information.

Well, from the title of this article, you already have the forethought of our discussion. Yes, our article will deal with the topic Child Safety Lock.

There are many kinds of safety lock systems as regards various things of your house. Each has a distinct device with distinctive characteristics ensuring child safety. For example, a pool fence will provide protection for your child to drown and an electronics proofing device will ensure safety from getting an electric shock.

So what is Child Safety Locks?

Baby safety locks are such devices which protect your toddler from injuries of any kind. It has been designed adopting such methods which assure safety for your child. These devices are easy to install, clean and remove when it is necessary. So, installing a device does not mean it destroy your interior design.

What is its function to ensure safety for your infant?

It does not require chattering about how young babies behave. Natural adventurous minds always ready for exploring the world but remains unaware of the imminent dangers. It just falls for anything that attracts it. They have not learned yet to harness their enthusiastic mind at such stage of their lives. So it is solemn duty of the parents to provide a haven for these little angels.


Here comes our savior for your child with guaranteed safe haven. Sliding door, cupboards, cabinets, kitchen cabinets, drawers, and doors, etc., you name it and you will find a safety lock for your little Tom Swayer. All devices are easily attainable from the nearest shops, or you can order them from home from Amazon or eBay.

Whatever you decide to do, the important thing is that you must arrange all the safety preparations to provide stately to your little babies. If it is necessary, let your toddler or crawler move freely in your house. Then observe it and point out what it does when it is freed. This method has helped all the parents to decide on what to do.

Child Proof Door Locks for Toddlers

Child’s realm is not limited to home alone. Whenever your baby gets any advantage, it gives no second thought of utilizing it. A terrifying thing can happen with your toddler when it opens the house door and gets itself out. No one knows what danger awaits it. But you know that sure danger awaiting your baby. So it becomes mandatory to install a door lock to prevent your toddler from going outside your safe house.

To prevent such incident, you must use child proof door locks such as door knob covers & door locks. Such devices prevent your child from opening doors of your house and let itself out. Check and check the knob cover again before you become sure of your toddler’s safety.

An important reminder for you:

Do not install this device in such way that it might keep adults of your house outside. You never know when it becomes an emergency, and you have to go out of the house.

Baby Proof Cabinets Are Also Vital for Baby Safety:

Imagine your healthy and intelligent child opening drawers or any cabinets and then it is trying to close it.  But accidentally, its fingers are stuck. To add woe to his mistress, you are not there to rescue it from such situation.


Imagine again, your cabinets and drawers are filling with dangerous materials, household cleaners, matches, and cigarettes, etc. You baby opens it and puts one of these inside its mouth. Exactly, you do not want to picture it. But it is a common thing to happen if you are not careful enough.

Before something awkward you experience, baby proof your drawers and cabinets. Your one cautious action can save your precious from getting hurt. And what can be it but installing safety locks.

Do not bother, these locks are available around you and are very cheap in price. Also, you do not have to call for any service to install such device. You can install it by yourself as this are very simple devices.

Bonus Feature:

Besides child, it prevents your pets from opening cabinets full of foods. So you get the full protection of your drawers and cabinets with one device.

Container Proofing for Babies:

According to the existing law of United States of America, you are obliged to use childproofing mechanisms on all containers which carry dangerous chemicals or ingredients. This law was inaugurated by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. So, it is mandatory that you use proof in containers.

Like other locks, this safety lock for the child is also available. Installing and operating such locks are equally comfortable for adults and stressful for babies. It bars you child from opening containers and put medicines or chemicals recklessly in its mouth and cause a fatal accident.

Safety Gates to Stairs to Prevent Falling:

Safety gates are of great use to ensure the security to your toddler and crawler. Your child will imitate anything it sees you doing. Thus, when it sees you stepping on stairs every day to reach a different room or place of the house, it surely will follow you and inevitable cause itself fatal injury.

There are fat records of the baby falling from stairs and causing itself major and minor injuries. So before it is too late for you install child proof gate on stairs and ensure a guaranteed safety for your little toddler and or crawler.

Pool Fencing Device:

This safety lock around pool helps to prevent major fatal cases like child drowning and other unexpected things. This is such vital thing that in Australia, it is required by their law to put child proofing device around the pool. Do not think such cases are not common in the United States but Australia only.

Every year, 3,536 fatal accidental drowning cases are recorded in the USA alone, according to the statistics of Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

For your information-

Such device can have the height of 1.8m or as required to prevent the toddler from reaching water. After installing this device, the adults have to reach water by crossing the boundary. It is not annoying if you care about your child’s safety.

Furniture and Home Appliance Proofing:

Children are often seen climbing on things like couch, TV, table, chair, etc. Such things have a chance to tip over, or other things kept on these, can be tipped over causing serious injury to your children. Deaths are also likely.

To clear up this issue, picture an incident when your baby is trying to climb onto a bookcase or shelve. Suddenly, it falls on your baby. Your baby is helpless unless someone else arrives and rescues it. But if someone else or you are not there to rescue your baby, what will happen to it?

Your baby is fated to die or cause serious injury to it.

At this point, you got to do something, right?

Anchor such furniture and home appliances with the floor to prevent tipping over. For extra safety, attach them to the walls.

Do not think, it is quite impossible to tip over big furniture by your little child. Such incidents are very common and you can get videos by googling of children causing them injury by tripping over big furniture.

Window Proofing Following Easy Method:

No minor incidents are recorded when your child falls outside the window. Most of the time, it costs them their precious lives and everlasting mental suffering for the parents. Before, such unwanted incident takes place, proof your windows, balconies etc. Do not keep open space more than your child’s body girth.

When your little one is an adventurous one, can an open window prevent it from hopping outside?

The answer is definitely ‘No’.

After reading this article, you probably have a clear idea and vision of the looming dangers of your children while staying at home. You also have learned measures should be taken to prevent such accidents.


We recommend you to enlist the possible dangers surrounding your baby at your house. Then let your toddler roam freely in your house and note down, what interests your baby more and add them to your previous list if these have already not been added. Now, purchase required childproof locks.

Remember one thing, you can never roll back when an accident has already been taken place. You cannot give back your child what it has already lost. A child is the most precious thing on earth for parents. But still, sometimes, for a little carelessness, your child may fall victim to unwanted accidents.

Therefore, we suggest you be prepared to prevent such incident from happening to your children. For this, take further assistance from professionals. You can also be that professional by taking a short course on child care.

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