Baby Walker vs Baby Jumper

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Our little effort will guide you to understand the battle… 

Let’s discover,  

Baby walker or walking rings are the tools to enhance kid’s motor development. The device is useful when your little one is yet to start his first step.

In another wayBaby jumper often called as jumperoo, jolly jumper or Exersaucer – is a tool that helps baby to stand and jump. The jumperoo contributes to developing & to strengthen kid’s muscle.

Baby Jumpers are not advised to use more than 20 MINUTES to avoid muscle pain.

Walking rings/walker has also some IMPORTANT FACTS. We will discuss just after few paragraphs.

Here you will find

  • A brief overview on walker and jumper
  • The purpose of both
  • Definition of other products you might be confused
  • Different types of exersaucer
  • Age factor when deciding a walker or jumperoo
  • Muscle Development facts
  • Safety concerns you need to consider
  • Maintainance tips
  • Jumpers vs swing
  • Best choices in our verdict
  • The conclusion


The Purpose of an Exersaucer

As we already observed that kids love to make jumps to express joys and the beginning of his motor development. A jumper helps the little one in keeping his body balance while jumping. A jolly jumper is just a seat with safety belts – attached with elastics. Regular jumping in a jumperoo helps to develop strong muscles of your infant.

A survey also suggests that parents welcome a jumper that keeps their infants delighted. The risk of injuries is often considered to be minor here – just because not having wheels.

The purpose of the walking rings is straight enough like the jumper. Baby Walker also helps baby to make muscle exercise also offers the kid to move around the floor. 

At What Age, a Baby needs a Jumper or Walker

Medical theories (1) suggest an infant start walking when the age is 9 months to twelve months. So, rationally you can buy him a walking ring at the age of 7 or 8 months of age. Just you need to take care of safety checklist

When your kid is large enough to bear his head without having any external fostering,- you can enable him sitting on a baby jolly jumper.

Kids push their toes and Walker keep the balances. Bumpers Around the walking ring helps to protect from any injuries.

In case of Jumper, initial weight is 100% beared by the small legs and that’s why 20 MINUTES bar is imposed by the pediatrics.

Do jolly Jumpers and walker Help Muscle Development

The simple answer is a jumperoo helps developing kid’s leg muscle but you need to strictly follow the safety guideline of 20 minutes uses per day.

You can not also ignore that, babies without a jumper also brought up with good leg muscles. So this is not true that a jolly jumper can only develop the muscle.

Baby walker also plays a tremendous role in infant’s motor development. We have also REVEALED THE MYTHs whether infant walker can change the toddler’s walking style.

No matter what devices you are offering to your kid, Never forget to give him the best parental fostering during his play.

Differences between walker, jumper, bouncers, and swing

Baby walker is a four or six-wheeled walking device with a seat pad that might look like a cart or a car.

Baby jumper is just a seat with elastics to support your baby’s jumping safely.

Baby bouncers help to bounce according to kids movement within the seat.

Baby Swings help to swing front and rear without making any body movement.

The Different Variations of Baby Jumper

There are several versions of jumpers. Watch closely and choose one best option obviously after reading the detailed BUYER’s GUIDE.

Stationary Jumper: will consist a padded seat attached with an elastic. The whole infrastructure is supported by four steel stands to keep the body jumping balance.

Stationary Activity Jumper: This is usually square or round shaped device filled up with stationary activity playing kits.

Doorway Jumper: This is based on a simple concept. The padded seat is hanged in the center of the door with no big choices of activity.

Imagine if the walker’s wheels are lockable, your child can be safe when you will not with him/her. 

Is Jolly Jumpers and Baby Swing Same?

Stationary Activity Jumper - CopyA jumperoo will move according to your kid’s motion. If he moves right or up, the exersaucer will move with his motion. In other hands, the swing will move not according to toddler’s movement. A baby swing moves automatically or requires human intervention by pushing it front or back.

Our Specialised analysis of Best Baby Swings 


Buying Guide for choosing the Best Baby jolly Jumper

We have also published a Detailed Buying Guide earlier. Here we will provide a quick recap of the buyer’s guide that will help you to choose the best baby jumper.

You need to assess the value from the following perspective when deciding to buy a jumperoo.

1. Seat Quality: Seat fabrics will represent the quality of jumper. Good fabrics and padded seat make the price variable.

2. Suspender: Elastic straps are often maximizable that could put your baby under threat. The single elastic strap could move the jumperoo from right to left or left to right. Jumpers with multiple elastic straps are good.

3. Adjustability: adjustability feature helps to adjust the jumpers height in line with your kid’s growth. It will keep your little one updated with the play kit.

4. Toys: In the case of stationary jumperoo variety of toys motivates kids to sit there and play while they get tired with jumping.

5. Activity Facility: If you are going to buy an activity jumper, you need to watch closely which toys are liked by the little one. You need to buy something that will initially be welcomed by the infant.

6. Injury Risk: Reading customers answers and feedback will help you to know the jumpers that might expose your little one to significant injury risk. Some kicker point such as material quality or fabrics quality will provide you with the reasonable identification.

7. Washability: Look whether the seat pad is washable. Try to whether you can buy another extra seat from the seller’s store or from where you are going to buy the jolly jumperoo.

When developing the buying guide for the baby walker such as

  • What modules or features you need to satisfy your kid
  • What is the compatibility feature of a go-cart
  • What are the value-added success factor in a push cart
  • Some infant nutrition fact

Our buying guide of baby walker is a bit detailed pointing towards the each values of the best baby walker. 

Safety issues you should remember

Following safety concerns will help you to identify the risk associated with the jumperoo and map the precautions. We respect your patience.

  • baby jumperKeep the floor clean all day, before placing your baby on it – notice whether there are any small thing that might hurt the little one
  • In case of doorway jumpers, try to place the device, not beside any removable things that might hurt the kid in line with the air direction
  • Do not use jumpers beside stairs and storeroom. Look carefully whether anything besides can fall over the jumper.
  • Do not place him more than 20 minutes as it could introduce muscle ache.
  • Place the jumper on a flat non-movable surface.
  • Wear your kid’s soft shoe before placing him on that.
  • Take care of his nutrition.
  • If the clamps of door somehow breaks, the toddler could get hurt… So think twice before you hang him there
  • Take care of other siblings and tell them not to hang or push the jumper while the little one is riding thatbaby jumper
  • Remove the jumperoo from door frame when it is not used.
  • Before placing your kid- check fungus is there that might previously born from waste food.

Maintenance Advice

We suggest you remove the doorway exersaucer when it is done playing to keep it clean and away from possible bags of dust. Adults are not allowed to sit there which makes the elastics lose. You need to keep it dry and clean as much as you can. After each playing session, check whether any food waste or baby liquid is there. If so, clean it and keep it dry.[/vc_message][vc_column_text]

Some Baby Jumpers you might be interested in

A professional pediatric team of babysdeal has derived some best value jumpers. We have pointed the pros & cons and with the bottom line for each particular product.

Best Stationary Activity Jumpers


#1. Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session by Evenflo

What interesting here: This is made up of 100% polyester having washable seat pad with extra jumping facility. It comes up with more than sixty entertainment kits.

What is the exclusive part: A lot more electronic toys to enhance the interactivity. Safe landing pad allows to jump without any tension. Toddler will be safe there. But do remember the time barrier we have discussed earlier….

What are customers telling: Little one loves the different colorful lights in it. They love the sounds and the other fun things. Parents opined their positive notes on safe landing pads the quality of material has been used  so far.

What else you need to know more: The rotating features allows the extra competitive edge. Maximum toddlers weight is 25 pounds (as per the expert opinion). It comes disassembles, you need to assamble it but, you don’t need to worry because the assembling process is too easy.. So cill….

What is the Bottomline: Exersaucer is usable from the infant’s four months age.. Just see whether he can afford head without any external support.. Our vote is for jam session.. You can buy it, Trust Me:)

Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session

Source: Amazon

Why don’t you look at other Stationary Activity Jumper REVIEWS?

Best Doorway Jumpers


#1. Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

Source: AmazonThis is a polyester based doorway jumperoo featured with sturdy bounce spring. There are also a hidden safety string to mitigate any possible injuries and also facilitates non stop jumping fun. This product can be shifted or placed in any room of the house so it does not limit the joys of your little one.

Seat Pad is machine washable which can reduce your maintenance time. You can easily wipe the dust out.

Mark Free Door Clamp offers you extra edge of installing the exersaucer. No matter where you place it, there will be no mark on the door.

The manufacturer has also incorporated the easy adjustability feature. You can easily adjust the height of Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper according to your toddler’s height and weight.

There are also a toy tray for play time. There are some play rings and some other interactive kits to ensure the ultimate joy. Toys are also removable & replaceable. So it offers the extra advantage that works in support for buying it.

You can also use it while taking bath. Babies just love it.. Telling from the experienced amount of web research…..

All these information are provided by the seller.

Attaches Easily: Attaches to doorframe for portable fun

Height Adjustable: Height Adjustable for the child from 5.5 to 25 lbs.

Toy Tray: Play tray for toys

2 Soft Toys: 2 soft, removable, interactive toys attach to adjustable play rings

Age / Weight Recommendations

For children from 5.5 to 25 lbs.

Child must be able to hold head up unassisted

Some other Doorway Jumpers we have sorted out for your KID

The Bottom Line

Let’s conclude the debate. Did you remember what the topic was?

I guess it was Baby walker vs Baby jumper.

The jolly jumpers often called as a baby jumper, jumperoo or even exersaucer are always chosen by the parents. This is a great idea to make your toddler smile as they always enjoy jumping before they walk.

The purpose of both is different. Jolly jumpers are used to hang them or help them standing while they feel imbalanced but a walking ring is used to make them walking. The infant walker does the same thing at a time. It helps to stand and to move around the floor. You can keep some entertainment kits and toys on a walking ring, but you can’t do that on doorway jumpers.

The Myth of Muscle Ache & Walking Style

This is true that – excess use of jumperoo causes muscle ache and also expose the kid to imbalanced muscle. But The walker neither changes the walking style nor introduce muscle imbalance.Before buying both or any of them, read our detailed buyers guide and reviews of established products.

In our verdict – We strictly recommend a stationary walking ring and a stationary jumper which enables your kid to

  • Learn walking
  • Helps standing
  • Eat more
  • Increase appetite
  • Enhance creativity
  • Keep your little one safe

And Obviously

There are no risk of injuries if you buy the walkers that have safety features in accordance with the US consumer act.

Never forget about giving your toddler extra energy while the do more exercise.

Always ensure the best parental assistance as – NO MACHINE CAN TAKE CARE BETTER THAN THE MOM & DAD.


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