Baby walker with lockable wheels

A couple of thousands of people are searching for ‘Baby Walker with Lockable Wheels’ due to following reasons either.

  • They want their little one safe – when parents are not in front of or,
  • They want the walker in bathroom while giving a warm bath

Whatever the reason is, The query becomes popular But have you ever wondered what made the issue in a burning position? 

Background | Danger of walking rings

There is a debate whether infant walker is good or bad. Professional patricide researcher then ended with a conclusion that –

A toddler’s go-cart is a very useful walking tool if it is used upon fulfillment of following conditions:

  • If maximum parental guideline is assured
  • If proper pair of shoes are given for comfort
  • If floor is not too cold or harsh
  • If siblings are under control – with the belief that they won’t do something stupid
  • If toys are  made up of suitable plastics
  • If Products comply with US Consumer Product Safety Commission – Guidelines
  • If extra nutrition is assured for kid’s growth

That paediatric team also revealed that an infant walker is not responsible for little one’s spine & muscle imbalance

Walker with Locking Wheels

Let me first discuss some demerits of lockable wheels….

If all four or six wheels have to lock facilities, then another significant risk of danger comes in..

Imagine if two or One of wheels are somehow locked, rests are free. What happens if any of siblings push hard from the rear.

Results appear in a few seconds.

Your kid will roll over and fall along with the 30 lbs structure that is too overburden.

Another situation is If lockable features are incorporated, and it becomes loose when the device gets older and then lock switch automatically gets down without physical intervention.

Forum research reveals, so many incidents had happened earlier that lead severe injuries.


Everything has pros and cons. 

We have found so many products in online stores that have lockable wheel facilities incorporated in

Before you go and buy one, we request you know a bit more about different usability & purpose of a walking ring. Our detailed buying guide will help to learn more. You may also get interested in our latest review of Best Baby Walker that includes ranges of products from different categories.

During the appraisal we have taken consideration of following factors:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Height Adjustment
  • Seat Pad
  • Compatibility
  • Minimum & maximum weight limit and a lot more….

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