Baby Jumper Buying Guide


Jolly jumpers are tough to buy. There are some points you need to consider carefully.
Previously We have published a detailed analysis on jumperoo that focused on.

  • A brief overview on walker and jumper
  • The purpose of both
  • Definition of other products you might be confused
  • Different types of exersaucer
  • Age factor when deciding a walker or jumperoo
  • Muscle Development facts
  • Safety concerns you need to consider
  • Maintenance tips
  • Jumpers vs. swing
  • Best choices in our verdict
  • The conclusion

Before I go the main part

I would love to remind you that, You should not keep your infant more than 15 to 20 minutes in an exersaucer.

But if you look at our latest case study you can keep your baby as many times you want in a baby walker.

Buyers’ Guide: 

1. Seat Pad:

Toddler will never enjoy if there is no or very limited jumper

Look carefully whether the seat is padded and check the washability feature. You need to wash it regularly to keep the PlayStation safe. Another thing you need to look at is the fabric.

Cheap seat fabrics might bring some allergic disease to your infant. Amazon customer’s’ review and some faq might help you in gathering such information. You can also check some forums or contact us for reviewing any specific products you are going to buy.

2. Architecture

baby jumper

Jumper’s architecture is another important point to consider.

If you are going to buy a doorway jumperoo, you need to look first on the elastics that are used to hang. Especially you need to stay confirmed about the risk of any future injuries.

Also, watch whether the hook on top can easily be detached from the door clamps. See the dimension to guess, how far it is going to throw your baby and map out whether you have any fragile things out there in the case of other activity jumperoo, the four stand steel infrastructure will guide you how much weight it can afford. The best way to get the treasure hint is to read the customer’s review.

If you would love to move on to some straightforward recommendations made by us, our latest review of exersaucers will serve your intended purpose.

3. Adjustability:

The fundamental feature you need to go first. The feature will help you to adjust your little one’s weight with the jumper’s height.

The adjustability feature will also help you to identify projected lifespan of the device.

Another Thing

You need to confirm whether there is three or four fixed height position or you can quickly adjust the toddler’s height with the jolly jumpers.

4. Suspender:

No matter what kind of jolly jumpers you are going to get, it becomes vital when the suspender works improperly.

Look carefully how many elastic straps are there. A single one might cause the jumperoo to move left to the right.

More than one elastic helps the device to work smoothly by the kid’s body response.

5. Elasticity & Quality:

You can not realize the elasticity quality unless you have it for some days. Try to get the insight about when the elastic become loose and why.

We advise you to read the forum and related discussion forum thoroughly.


we are going to provide a clean sheet to these products that will not have any elasticity problem at all.

6. Playing Variation:

Be it a jolly jumper or any walking ring or anything else we buy them to cheer up the toddlers. We attract them by the variety of toys.

In return they give us smile and that encourage themselves to establish ownership and creativity.

Our suggestion is to trigger your kid’s playing choices first.

See what toys and colors are liked by him/her.

Try to find out those related toys in the device and buy that. Also look if you can attach some extra toys to that to bring some variation.

7. Outside Environment:

As the infant try to jump, he/she will not have much sense to predict any possible dangers. Look for any fragile furniture or any movable property beside the playing zone.

If So keep them away or change the location.

8. Siblings:

We strongly advise that you keep your eyes on siblings (if you have). They might pull or push the jumper so hard that might bring some injurious conclusion.

9. Floor:

Before you buy – identify the floor type and take safeguards. Such as, if your floor does not have carpet and your baby do not want to wear shoes he/she might get infected by the cold allergy.

If he does not wear the diaper, the floor might become sleepy, and infants might get hurt. 

Keep the floor need to always clean, and the floor should be dry.

10. Door Clamps

We have heard that some of the door clamps detached while the toddlers were in playing mode.

Before you buy the doorway jumpers, test the strength of door clamps and identify the probability of accidents.

11. Shoes:

Try to put the little one a pair of light shoes before he starts playing.

Our research suggests that – not wearing a shoe often adversely affect the baby’s motor development, and we began to blame the baby walkers or jolly jumpers.

12. Parental Fostering:

No matter you buy for your baby, no machine can guarantee about not getting hurt.

Pediatric professionals strictly advice to have direct parental fostering while they play.

Also, take care of toddler’s extra nutrition demand.

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