Which Walker for Baby you might choose, and why!

Defining Infant Walker

Baby walker is a tool usually made of plastic helps a baby to learn walking. The device is make for the infants (an infant is referred to a baby who often cannot speak or walk).

Now a day’s parents are demanding walkers for their babies due to some valuable reasons. This guide article will guide you to learn about different facts of a baby go-cart and various products you might be going for.

Background of Baby Walker

Early in 15th century, A Dutch manuscript named –‘Hours of Catherine of Cleves’ illuminated the word ‘Baby Walker.’ The manuscript illustrated the infant Jesus in a wooden Baby seat Walker 1). The historical name of that wooden version was ‘GO-Cart’ 2) and furthermore, the thing brought an extra edge to the parental lives with so many different versions incorporated with extraordinary features.

At What Stage Baby Walks?

Most babies make their very first step at the between the age of 9 to 12 months 3). Hence, some babies do not start working even after 13 months of his/her age. It happens due to lack of nutrition, or the lack of walking helps such as a kids walker. Sometimes very cold weather might stop his walking which a carpet can prevent.

Natural Time of Toe Walking

There are some obvious reasons behind the necessity of a Walker for baby. Some reasons might be questining as a rational consequence of early maturity of some babies, but the demand of a walker still growing up. The reasons are as follows:

To learn them walking
To educate them while they try to walk
To keep baby out of danger
To make baby’s body exercised regularly
To help them deciding their way- alternatively to making baby independent
Walking on a baby walker brings hungriness

Walker for Baby – Safety Issues

Baby walkers always contain a bumper to keep your baby away from any hurt. However, the wheels cannot work smoothly in haphazard condition. If your baby wants to go downstairs – that will become a great mess.

If your home is in duplex condition, you might consider blocking those areas, which might expose the baby to danger. You can also keep him/her in downstairs so that he/she can avoid the stair.
If your home is in beside the road and it’s too easy to get out from home, again it is a great concern for you. A newly bought worker for baby won’t have any break as it’s irrational to think when the driver is a baby.

You need to be aware all the time; your main door shall always be kept closed. However, if you want your child to learn walking outside, then do it under parental control. Some doctors also argue that a walker allows mobility which is bigger than the capability of a baby.

Canada also banned baby buggy in 2004, but after that, more than 75% of kids are using walkers. Because, if you are a parent, you will never lose watching your baby making his/her first step.

Different Designs for Baby Walker

There are various design and dimensions of a walker for baby. However, most of them are purposeful and equipped with educational kits and toys.

Sit to Stand Learning Walker

This particular device can be used as a walker and an independent play station simultaneously. There are also some piano keys, which plays music that helps to enhance the creativity of your baby. There are also some keys, buttons and sing individual songs which help your baby increasing memorizing power.

Baby Trend Walker

This is a typical square walker for baby with bumper all around. There are some toys to play, also space to keep different gears and foods. The devices are adjustable with your baby’s height. You can even fold it and carry on your car.

2 in 1 (two in one) Activity Walker

This kind of walkers can easily be converted to either seated activity walker or walk-behind the walker. If your baby can walk a bit, you can let him use from the walk behind which will enhance your baby’s stability. It also has songs, toys, educational kits and food place, etc. But please make sure that Walker runs on your carpet.

What are the Alternatives of Baby Walker

The significant alternative of a walker for baby is parents’ assistance. It was revealed that almost 24% child around the world did their first step without taking the aid of any baby walker. However, there are also some parent assisted baby walkers, which do not have any wheels and higher dimension. Those modules are proven to be the safest way of walking parenting. But that kind of walking assistance lacks educational kits.

Alternative of a baby walker

This will make you amazed

We have found that Juppy Baby Walker is one of the best options of a wheel based baby walker which is available at a very affordable price. However, the juppy still requires parent’s 100% involvement. 

However, you can give your kid Both!

“Safety Concerns” Is that a Big ISSUE!

Due to some incidents, especially getting a ban in Canada  “Baby walkers outlawed in Canada.” Retrieved 2015-08-31. , walker for baby is safer and more reliable after 2000. US Consumer Product Safety Commission worked restlessly with the walker’s manufacturers for more reliable products. Walkers on the market are currently having “stair-fall protection” which becomes the most talkable issue. There is a gripping mechanism to protect the walker when it goes to an edge of any stairs. However, some manufacturers continue to ignore these standards due to following reasons.

 baby walker banned in canada

  • Price Factors
  • Most parents are unaware of it and ignore this when they compare prices
  • Lack of statutory enforcement initiatives

Baby Walkers Buyers’ Guide

Even though the thing is very straightforward to buy, still there is some features/content you need to look at before you decide to buy a walker for your baby.

  • Baby weight capacity is the first thing you need to focus on. Most of the walkers’ price depends on weight capacity as the thing often made up of plastic.
  • Watch what is included with it. Babies usually like to see some piano, playing toys, and apparently some free space which you might customise or put some educational instruments.
  • Do not forget to look at color. Baby girls usually like pink; baby boys often love yellows and blues. Colours might be the influential factor if your baby intends to have a walker after watching your neighbor’s.
  • You can also see the materials have been used to manufacture. Usually, Polyester, Plastic, Nylon, Steel, and fabrics are used to make baby walkers. Apparently, elements and their quality is an indicative basement for the price comparison but, don’t miss to check the full specification.
  • Safety Features are another essential checklist you should watch before purchase. We suggest you spend more pennies for the best safety features.
  • Do not forget to look at Adoptability Features. Adaptability features will explain whether the thing you are buying will have any value/purpose when your baby learns how to walk. There are some excellent multipurpose walkers, which can be used as a walker, a play station, and a gaming dashboard. Whatever is your intention, adaptability features will add some extra value to your decision-making process.
  • Comfort is another point of attention. You baby only will like the thing, once he/she feels comfort in using it. The seat has to be padded and non-sticky which will help your baby to seat longer there.
  • Washable Seats will add extra value as the child will never understand the purpose of keeping things clean.
  • Carpet Compatibility will be the focal point if you have carpet. Most of the baby walkers don’t run on carpet, most of its wheel rolls dust, and babies often take that to eat. So Be Careful

Finally, look at the warranty. Try to purchase the product offers you up best warranty period.

baby walker buying guide


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Get the Comprehensive Buying Guide NOW!.

We recommend you to see all features, compatibles and adaptability features before buying baby walkers. If your baby tries to stand and you are waiting to see his first step very soon – Give him/her the best walker. We hope that our article will help you to the best walker for baby, which you were looking some minutes ago.

You can also read our latest CASE STUDY on “Cheap baby walkers.” Our Professional team also surveyed the “Best Baby Walkers” available in the market.

After your Baby Walks, What is NEXT?

Duties are not done when your baby makes his/her first step. At the age of 15 months, he/she might be working very well. He/she may enjoy push and pull toys while walking, which indicates more necessity of nutrition & exercise. Get him/her involved in walking independently.

Try to disable/hide the walker you have bought for your baby. Your baby will try to fix it that improves his analytical ability to go beyond the expectation. Try to involve your baby in starting, hiking, climbing, and cycle. Gifting a bicycle, i.e., is not a bad idea indeed, as it will increase his muscle power, which brings the increased appetite.

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