Best Stationary Activity Jumpers

A quick follow-up of Stationary Activity Jumpers

I hope you remember the second category of jolly jumper we have discussed in our previous article.

A stationary activity exersaucer is mainly square or round shaped that contain various types activity kits. Choices of stationery help to increase the creativity and attractiveness of your toddler.

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What kind of Activities you might expect as a good parent

1. Activity bars with different types of plastic toys & dice at various colours.

2. Anything like a noisy rattle that makes various kinds of noise. Kids love to hear music, and they try to understand the rhythm following syncing their sounds to the noises they have just played. Focus on the material that is used to manufacture the toys.

We prefer something that made by sturdy materials (not cheap plastics) with no small parts that can enter into the mouth.

3. Different types of coloured rings are the lovable objects of an infant. They try to rearrange the toys while having some leisure time in the jolly jumpers.

4. Creative Books and pen might be there. Initially, the toddler gets attracted to the pictures into the books. Following day, they try to draw the same (even if they fail thousand times).

5. Any finger touch photo album is another excellent choice. Nowadays the kid understands easily how to operate a touch device. You can put an electronic album, and they start to see the jungle view or whatever they like. The main co-operation you can do is putting the particular objects of your infants.

6. Soft Rubber animals could be another big choice. You can buy and put them onto the jumperoo.

What is Better? Doorway jumpers or Stationary Activity Jumper

There is no obvious answer to the aforementioned question. Both are different types of jumpers used for the same reason. But we have picked some good points here about the doorway version.

Activity Center Vs Activity Jumper

There are no big differences between the activity centre and exersaucers. An activity centre is a place for your infant where they can pass some good time spending their available time on different playing materials which are already discussed in the earlier section of this write-up.

When the particular round shape or ever square architecture comes up with different playing panel along with jumpers beneath the kid’s toes, it becomes the jolly jumpers. So chil.

All you need to know one thing

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Helping guide to buying the best stationary activity jumpers

Here we have ranked some of the products that are available on online e-commerce sites.


What We Have Considered While Ranking

We have considered following critical success factors when deciding what are best products.

Height position & adjustability Seat pad quality


Color Activity variation


Health consciousness Security


Customers’ feedback Other online ratings


Average price Durability


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#5. Bright Starts Sweet Safari Bounce-a-Round Activity Center by Bright Starts

What interesting here: You would love to see the flexible bouncing pad, various activity toys full with inter-activeness and excellent durability. 

What is the exclusive part: Adjustable seat pad provides extra attention of joys, the 360-degree view will help your infant better stimulation & extra comfort.

What are customers telling: Customers are found to be happy indeed. Kids love it, and its super comfortable seat pad is praised around the web. 

What else you need to know more: You can put a thin, comfortable blanket just behind the neck for extra comfort. 

What is the Bottomline: Buying this product will be a wise decision. Online reviews are great, price – value comparison score was also impressive.

#4. Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Jumperoo by Fisher-Price

What interesting here: 360-degree rotating seat provides the infant extra comfort & flexibility. Toys are made up of soft materials and machine washable.

What is the exclusive part: There are so many fun things attached. Monkey, roller ball, teether, spinning penguin, mirror, piano and lots of fun things.

What are customers telling: Helps baby to learn more. Very flexible, toddlers like it.

What else you need to know more: There is three height position. Maximum weight requirement is 25 pounds; maximum height requirement is 32 inches. Visit the product page for more info……

What is the Bottomline: The seat pad is much better than other. Exclusive comfort will never hurt your spendings.

#3. Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon by Evenflo

What interesting here: The device is portable. Provides smoother experience to the little one. 11 toys and ten development activities (age-appropriate) to support the toddler’s development.

What is the exclusive part: Removable & machine washable seat pads allows new freedom. You can also buy one extra seat from the store (upon availability). The handle also allows you to carry the baby to somewhere else during travelling. The seller also offers various types of toys that fit with the exersaucer. You kid will no longer be bored.

What are customers telling: From social media and several forum types of research we have found that the jolly jumper is very attracting and lovable. Many of them also have chosen it from the most available choices.

What else you need to know more: Assemble, designed & tested by the available accreditation of USA.

What is the Bottomline: The bottom line is, there is nothing more to say. This is excellent, impressive, good and mostly this is safe… for more, please visit the product page.

If you would like to reveal some good choices of doorway jumpers,

Some good choices are waiting for your presence here….

#2. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends by Baby Einstein

What interesting here: Seat pad is highly secured and adjustable that ensures maximum protection to little one. There five height adjustability position provides best durability experience.

What is the exclusive part: Infant can rotate at 360 degrees for the best seat pad flexibility.

What are customers telling: Most of the customers has shared the great experience in different social media and forum. We have also discovered that it takes only 15 seconds to adjust the height. The seat pad is machine washable. Babies also loved the ABCD, 123456 as it provides extra value for parenting & maternal fostering.

What else you need to know more: Activity station includes four fun things, piano adds extra value. Classical music along with different language learning course provides the competitive super edge.

What is the Bottomline: Your money is not going to be wasted. Kids love it enormously.

Now The Ultimate One

We have ranked number one

#1. Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session by Evenflo

What interesting here: This is made up of 100% polyester having washable seat pad with extra jumping facility. It comes up with more than sixty entertainment kits.

What is the exclusive part: A lot more electronic toys to enhance the interactivity. Safe landing pad allows to jump without any tension. Toddler will be safe there. But do remember the time barrier we have discussed earlier….

What are customers telling: Little one loves the different colorful lights in it. They love the sounds and the other fun things. Parents opined their positive notes on safe landing pads the quality of material has been used  so far.

What else you need to know more: The rotating features allows the extra competitive edge. Maximum toddlers weight is 25 pounds (as per the expert opinion). It comes disassembles, you need to assamble it but, you don’t need to worry because the assembling process is too easy.. So cill….

What is the Bottomline: Exersaucer is usable from the infant’s four months age.. Just see whether he can afford head without any external support.. Our vote is for jam session.. You can buy it, Trust Me:)

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