Baby Walkers Buying Guide | How to Choose the Best

I am expecting a big heads up as here you are going to find world’s best Baby walkers buying guide/buyers guide that will lead you to choose the best infant walker for your little one.

In this buyer’s’ guide you will find:

  • Different safety features of an infant walker
  • What modules or features you need to satisfy your kid
  • What are the best walkers that run on the carpet
  • What is the compatibility feature of a go-cart
  • What is the adjustability feature and how to ensure effective use
  • What are the value-added success factor in a push cart
  • What are the educational kit
  • Quality of seat pad & what things you should notice for
  • Some infant nutrition fact
  • And the Bottom Line

Before I go to the original part of buying guide, I will like to have recaps whether Infant walker is good or bad, Here’s a recap.

This is true that a walker might expose your kid to the significant risk of head injury 1) only if – There is a large gap of parental care. A walker is a device that allows you to help your little one learn walking early; A baby still holds the divine ability to walk even if he is deprived of having a fancy go-cart.
A baby buggy or anything can’t protect your child from stair fall unless you have some stair-fall protection or door lock system built in the space.

A walker never limits your kid from slowing down walking or motor development unless you gave him improper nutrition, imperfect shoes, and imbalanced maternal care. Our previous case studies provide evidence regarding facts.

Comprehensive Buying Guide for selecting a good Baby / Infant Walker

Safety Features:

Even if the walker has banned in 2004 due to the safety concern, but later US Consumer Product Safety Commission has considered the baby walker safe after incorporating some safety features such as stair-fall protection etc.

American Society of Testing and Materials – ASTM F977 – developed product test method, standard specification, and safety standards in order to boost consumer confidence. The standards also help to reduce the risk of injuries resulting from any abnormal use of infant walkers.

You need to look at following safety features when buying a go-cart:

  • Buy a baby buggy which is wide enough to protect your kid from the door frame. They also love to have a wider space that further helps them developing the wider mind.
  • If you are too worried about stair fall, you might consider buying a Stationary Walker that does not have any wheels. A stationary walker has so many playing kits to keep him / her engaged. But, wheels allows them to move freely that enhance his appetite thus become a healthy fact to consider. If you do not have a stair, you can easily go for the wheel based activity walker to achieve the advantages.

    You might be interested to see what stair-fall protection might help you from preventing accidents.

  • There are also some safety standards complied products in accordance with the US consumer policy standards that might be a bit expensive for you.
  • Closely watch are there anything or any playing kit that might hamper your baby’s finger, Do not buy a walker with small playing tools as there is also a significant risk of eating playing kits.

Choose a Walker that provides Additional Stimulation:

Remember you are buying a baby carriage or an activity walker. If you can add some extra value, it will be better. Kids just love to learn through copying. They only copy something that they love. It means, there are some infant go-carts with some educational features such as ABCD and 1234, etc. Some also come up stored single voice sounds which help to increase the memorizing power of your little kid.


Example Tips:

Look closely what the customers are saying in the forum or question answer sessions. Customers’ feedback is a great source of gathering useful information. If you find someone saying something negative, search for additional comments that alter above negative statement as many of them intentionally try to downgrade products and we call them competitors’ ambassador.

Main Point: Not just go for a baby buggy with four wheels, Search for value-adding factors as well. 

Choose the cart that works on Carpet:

All Baby Walkers don’t run over the CARPET!

Adjustability Freedom:

Foldability & height adjustability is a great feature of a good baby walker.

First look whether it can be folded that offers you carrying freedom. From our experience, we have observed that – most infant go-carts has three fixed height position. This is good in terms of bothering from regular height adjustment but, it is bad indeed as you can not discover the fourth height position.


You need to look at minimum height position and maximum height position that provides you a reasonable ground to justify the purchasing decision. Minimum height length will help you to determine when your baby can use it. The maximum will define when the buggy will need to be stored in your garbage room.

Don’t Forget:

Height position has a strong correlation with the weight of your little one. This is totally subjective but, your baby’s growth is the ultimate direction of choosing the right product for him.

Choose something that allows your kid EASY Moving | Wheel Factor

Manoeuvre is a great USP of an infant walker. Toddler will only enjoy it when it allows him to move freely. Usually, the pedestrian is made up by using four wheels. Some other might consist six wheels. No matter how many wheels are there, you should watch first the – material used to make it.

Rubber made wheels are expensive but, it allows the small one to move freely. Rubber wheels do not leave any scratches on the wooden floor. But, do not forget – rubber attracts dust that makes your kid’s maneuver slow. Plastic wheels might leave scratches on the wooden or marble floor.

You might only consider saving money only when your floor is neither wooden or marble made. Close watch on product description and user review will give you a comprehensive guide for choosing the best baby walker for the infants

Seat Pad & Comfort:

Babies just love comfort. When deciding to buy a walker, please see the seat pad quality first. You need to focus on following things:

  • Foam Quality
  • Fabrics quality (whether it stitches or not)
  • Washable or not

Studying some customers comments will give you some idea which will cover

  • Whether the manufacturers offer additional seat to ensure cycling use
  • Whether you can buy one extra seat in future upon need
  • Whether the plastics/fabrics are certified, that does not give rise to any allergic disease
  • Whether everyone’s baby is feeling comfortable sitting there or not

Also watch carefully are there any weak elastics in the edge of that seat which might introduce itching.

baby walkers buying guide

Go for the Education Kits:

Apart from playing instruments, you will love to find any educational tools which will help the little one to learn ABCD or 123. Some walkers come up with such incredible feature that enables building memorizing power and also creativity.

There might be some multiple colors rolling blocks or toys, which helps kids to recognize colors. Also, notice if the desired Walker has an extra hook to attach any other educational equipment you would love to connect there.

Also try to know, whether manufacturer allows you buy additional playing tools from there tools and DO NOT FORGET TO COMPARE PRICES. As many manufacturers pricing policies depend on substitute products that charge SMALL amounts initially but LARGER amounts in FUTURE.

Choose a Great Entertainment Panel:

Entertainment panel is the main part of your infant’s walker. The playing instruments engage your kid to sit long that might include some re-arranging blocks, any toys that make sounds, piano, any keys that play the song or ABCD 1234 or any song. A good stroller will have some stored sing-along songs that help to develop the memorizing power.

You might be wondering to see followings:

  • A lot of playing instruments
  • Toys with different colors and shape
  • Check whether the material is child-friendly
  • Look for extra hook to hang some other toys to enhance the curiosity of your little one
  • More than 30 or even fifty songs or sound that helps remembering sequential order which increases creativity
  • Check whether the toys can be replaced or bought another from the Amazon store and apparently check the prices
  • Target walkers that have a wider entertainment zone with some free space to keep some foods there

Choose a walker that has Free Space to add Extra Toys or Food:

Open space allows you to keep some foods or even fruits there. The kid will eat while following parent’s lunch or dinner. Repeated asking to keep that area clean will also help to develop some good sense of humor within your baby’s mind.

If you would love to make your child sited beside your dining table – you might be interested to discover the Baby High Chair. The high chairs allow them to sit and eat at the high tables that protect the baby with its excellent boundary and holding features.

We have also discovered some innovative baby book with the basic knowledge that acts an important role in the early life of his development.

Make Sure you have already Listed Nutrition Chart:

Upon more exercise the infant will require more energy that comes from extra foods 4). While riding a stroller or any infant walker he or she will require extra hydration and carbohydrate. You might search for some baby food chart that will help you to ensure his requirements.

Do not get Overwhelmed by Myths related to Risk of INJURIES

We already know that most of us have started to believe that baby walkers slow down motor development or it has the significant impact on spine & muscle development. We have examined that – Baby Walker does not have any direct relationship with those myths. Only because of Parental guideline failings are responsible for the accusing. SO DO NOT TRUST THE SHADY NEWS.

Do not Forget to Read online Reviews:

Online reviews are always a great tool that helps our decision making. An excellent comprehensive review always influences our mind in making every decision. We would love to request you to search for online reviews by writing relevant words such as 7 Best Baby Walker’ or ‘Review of Cheap Baby Walker’. Only believe on those reviewers’ comments who has comprehensive buyers’ guide and full specified complete details.

Probably we have written a bit longer than available resources, but the team did this just because you deserve a comprehensive buying guide for a baby walker. In the buyers’ guide, we did not refer to any specific products that might drive you to think single sided.

 However, we have published a list of independent product reviews of Best Products and Cheap Products pointing each product specification – we have just described in this.

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Have a good day. Happy Buying

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